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Fab Excel – Flashings & Fabrications

Fab Excel – Flashings & Fabrications
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Fab Excel manufacture a complete range of Metal flashings, gutters and rainwater systems as well as bespoke metal fabrications. All our flashings, gutters and rainwater systems are available in a variety of materials and colours nationwide.

Our reputation in Ireland has been built on the quality and performance of our flashings, gutters and rainwater systems and the high level of service we provide nationwide.

In recent years delivery times and the ability to transport direct to site have become more critical, and this combined with our willingness to service small, as well as large quantities, underlines our ongoing commitment to customer value and service. We utilise our own fleet of vehicles which gives us greater flexibility to assist our customer needs nationwide.


We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known Roofing & Cladding companies in Ireland and we don’t take this lightly. Our clients engage us in a number of ways—we help them solve business problems, increase productivity and help them thrive in a competitive arena where customers and employees have become increasingly empowered.

Fabexcel holds an extensive stock in a wide range of materials, gauges & finishes. A next day delivery service is also possible & can be provided by a very professional & friendly sales team. All our products are manufactured bespoke to suit the ongoing demand for more architecturally varied and appealing building envelops. We will always be acknowledged as the company that listens to their clients, anticipates their needs, and proactively ensures ongoing value.

Our dedicated team are constantly working on bespoke product solutions for clients in response to seemingly intractable problems. We also focus on areas where we know our customers are searching for improvements, such as safety and efficiency, pursuing innovations to create the best solutions for our clients.

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